Tale of Toast’s cute aesthetics hide old-school challenge


Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say, and certainly don’t go making assumptions about the difficulty levels of MMORPGs by how gritty or cutsie its graphics are.

This is a good lesson for us today as we look at Tale of Toast, an upcoming indie MMO that might look like a chibi version of World of Warcraft, yet it has the beating heart of a hardcore, old-school MMO. The two-man development team (including one former Blizzard dev) is attempting to create an online game in the spirit of the original RuneScape, sprinkling in open-world PvP and loss upon death to keep the challenge level high.

One of the game’s interesting concept is its combat system: “When you initiate melee combat with a player or enemy, both players are locked for three rounds of fighting before they are able to run or stay fighting. Rounds are handled automatically by the game, and the decision you as a player have is what type of combat stance you want to fight in during the fight.”

Tale of Toast was recently greenlit on Steam and should be headed to early access by the second quarter this year.


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Chris Moss

That looks really fun.

If anything it may be a game I could get my niece into

Pedge Jameson

I they use the words “suck” “it” “up” “cupcake” anywhere near each other I am nowhere near it.

Kickstarter Donor

Hmmm, that combat system sounds interesting. Don’t know if I could take the graphic style though.


World war weeb?