Defiance invites you to cleanse the diseased with pure, searing flame

Burn it all.

The new Defiance event is full of disease. There’s an outbreak of some illness or another with all-new Arkfalls, but what’s really important is how you get rid of the disease: You burn it. You burn the infected, you burn the landscape, you burn everything. The event is offering players napalm weaponry, and it’s clear that this world will not be safe until pure, warm fire washes over all of the infection, coating it in a thick layer of purified incineration that may, in fact, smell like victory.

Of course, there’s also a new synergy available for Cleansing Napalm, which makes the fires you spread around even more productive. You will burn everything and then the world will be truly clean. Burn out the sickness at the heart of these events. It is righteous. Fire brings clarity and goodness. Just make sure to get everything you want from the event by May 22nd, since it ends then and you don’t want to find yourself unable to cleanse things with incineration.

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