LOTRO confirms a multi-boss raid for its Mordor expansion

When it comes to Mordor, is there any zone better suited to large, epic endgame fights? Yet when Lord of the Rings Online players head into the expansion this fall, Sauron will already be toppled. So does that mean that evil will be vanquished?

Not by a long shot, it appears. On its 10th anniversary livestream, Standing Stone Games confirmed that it is working on a raid for the expansion that will come out some time down the road.

“We are planning on having a raid, a multi-boss raid that comes out following the initial release of the Mordor expansion. We’re going to hold it back a bit as to not have people racing to endgame content,” Standing Stone said. “It will be in a place called the Abyss of Mordath.”

Check out the raid reveal for yourself after the break!

Source: Twitch
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