Neverwinter’s Shroud of Souls update is now live on PC

Shroud of Souls is live in Neverwinter today as promised — at least if you’re on PC. Console folks, you’ll be waiting a bit longer as usual to get your eyeballs on the patch, which includes a new storyline, customizable guild halls, a new stronghold siege event for guilded players, and of course, the loadouts feature, which allows players to put together their own gear sets to swap in and out as they please.

“The events of The Cloaked Ascendancy have unleased something sinister below the River District. A dragonborn necromancer has taken control of an artifact known as the Shroud of Souls, allowing her to summon an army of wraiths to overwhelm Neverwinter. Sergeant Knox tasks adventurers with halting this menace before the necromancer recruits powerful spirits to lead her ghostly army. Shroud of Souls brings the story of the Cloaked Ascendancy to an end and introduces several features to Neverwinter, including an all-new adventure, the long-awaited Loadouts feature, a new Stronghold Siege event, a customizable Guild Hall social space and more.”

Lead Designer Thomas Foss has a new video dev diary out on the content dump too — you can check that out below!

Source: Press release
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