WildStar patch 1.7.1 arrives tomorrow, complete with expert Skullcano

Ready to challenge a few more bits of group content at Prime difficulty in WildStar? You’ll have your chance when patch 1.7.1 arrives on May 3rd. Why, that’s tomorrow, isn’t it? How positively wonderful!

The patch adds Skullcano (which is still the most metal dungeon name ever), Outpost M-13, and Rage Logic to the Prime difficulty rotation. Players can also check out how they’re doing relative to other players with the addition of new PvE leaderboards, which will let you see how you measure up against solo players and other groups.

The patch also brings in a new shared realm bank for your characters and new fortunes from Madame Fay, which will be perfect for players who would rather not be on the competitive side of things. You can take a look at the full set of patch notes to find out more about the features included, or you can just jump in and start going for new group content immediately.

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Coldin Torrence

Man. I remember Skullcano veteran back when the game was new. That last fight would chew people up and spit them back out. It’s gotten a lot easier with gear creep, but the lasers still hurt. I can only imagine how difficult it will be with added Prime difficulty.

Danny Smith

So whats the deal with all the rumblings of pushing a certain earnings quota for the quarter? they just announce a promotion when its nearly over and thats meant to help it?

I swear the management of this seems more like corporate sabotage than incompetence now, no company can be this bad by accident.


With their new project coming i think Ws is gonna be a forgotten memory

Afro Thunder
Kickstarter Donor
Afro Thunder

Yeah I thin.. Wait, what were we talking about again?