Age of Heroes gives a glimpse into what a full-fledged VR MMO might be like


Plenty of studios are fiddling about with virtual reality these days and making big noise on the subject, but for MMORPG fans, the burning question still remains unanswered: When might we see a full-fledged MMO built for virtual reality specifically?

We’re not here to answer that question today but to show a glimpse of what it could look like, thanks to upcoming VR game Age of Heroes. This “multiplayer co-op” RPG features four classes fighting, exploring, and casting spells in a fantasy environment. Dungeon crawls look to be the main source of content, with four “scenes” created for teams to encounter.

It’s really interesting to watch the video below and imagine how fighting and manipulating the environment might function in an MMO as well. Age of Heroes is being created for all three main VR platforms by Chinese developer Omnigames. It’s already been greenlit on Steam and may be coming some time this year.

Source: Upload VR, Steam Greenlight. Thanks CazCore!

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Melissa McDonald

VR is a new way to interact with games and computers and media. I think we all know that current-gen visors must get lighter and more comfortable before long sessions will be tolerable. Until they are like the eyeglass design Zuck showed off a week or two ago, that’s going to remain true.

Personally I think shorter sessions are already happening in PC gaming. How many of you STILL spend hours and hours in front of your PC? I’ll bet most of you are experiencing progressively shorter gaming as you age and get busier with your real life, and games that seemed shiny once seem boring now.

So to me this is a very natural slide from spending 30-60 minutes gaming (which is my max, honestly, I am too restless if not too busy for more on a typical day) on a flatscreen to the amazing and intense immersion that VR provides. Those games will be much more physical, and more attention-grabbing to the point that I think shorter sessions will be natural, and the games will reflect that.

VR MMOs will start off pretty simple due to tech of course – but also because the medium really is built around not stampeding through content. It’s built around making you feel like you’re really there in a way no flatscreen can do. I am certain if you put me in the Shire in VR, I’m gonna spend a lot longer geeking out at the flowers and ponds and locales than I would on a flatscreen.

Ultimately it won’t be for everyone, but it’s already entering mainstream consciousness and public zeitgeist. You’ve probably already seen the Hot Pockets VR commercial where the guy exits a futuristic battle to get his HP out of the microwave, disturbing his buddies, then tackling one over the couch trying to save him in the VR space.

VR isn’t exactly “Here” for gaming yet. It’s kicking ass in VR experiences, travel, and photography, and news documentaries. I consume a lot of content between my Gear VR and Cardboard apps. Tons of choices. Film is a lot easier to render than VR gaming, and the hardware has to catch up. Visors must go wireless – tethered is anathema to VR.

Good times ahead. I’m fascinated seeing this tech unfold, advance, and slowly take over. It will be the child of many parents.


I think it would be very cool at first, but get tiring really fast. After “throwing” a few dozen fireballs, waving my staff around and dodging lightning bolts, I’d have to put in a call to the bullpen. Definitely a tech for the kids.

Melissa McDonald

the benefit of getting exercise whilst having fun sounds pretty appealing to me, but yes it may end up being tech for a newer generation of gamers.

Oleg Chebeneev

Controllers like that will never be relevant in VR MMOs. You can wave hand in air only so much before giving up

Sally Bowls

I liked the title and tone of a lot of the comments. VR won’t be here for me this year or next. But seeing respectable offerings like this makes me more hopeful and eager that it will be in my future.


Here’s what I expect VR MMOs to be like:
First 30 min: Neat!
Next 30 min: Hmm…I kinda miss having a keyboard…
Next hour: My face is getting sweaty.
Next hour: My eyes hurt…
And I really don’t think it gets any better than that. VR is neat, but not really practical, especially for the kind of game time that one normally puts into an MMO.


Why would you miss a keyboard if everything is voice commands and hand gestures? The sweat and eyes hurting as well as the weight after a time are all realistic imo.

Robert Mann

It has enough graphics that I won’t rag on that, and some decent systems all in all. I won’t play, as I won’t buy into VR for at least a few years, but… with at least this much effort put into making the software there will be potential there.

So maybe, one day, when more of the problems are ironed out with the tech, we can all have nice shiny stuff that some troll will try to ruin for us.

Danny Smith

Into every generation a ‘star wars kid’ video is born :p


This kind of game along with Star Trek Bridge Crew are really showing why VR was created…Looking forward to finally entering worlds like this and others when pricing/hardware requirements drop.

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OK I have been pretty critical of mmo outings on VR so far but that one does look kind of cool not cool enough to make me buy anything but cool nevertheless.

I would only say that from a video presentation point of view cutting away from the game action to see someone flailing about is not that great. Better to have a small window in the corner with the action in the background so as to better back their movements with in game events :-)