Age of Heroes gives a glimpse into what a full-fledged VR MMO might be like


Plenty of studios are fiddling about with virtual reality these days and making big noise on the subject, but for MMORPG fans, the burning question still remains unanswered: When might we see a full-fledged MMO built for virtual reality specifically?

We’re not here to answer that question today but to show a glimpse of what it could look like, thanks to upcoming VR game Age of Heroes. This “multiplayer co-op” RPG features four classes fighting, exploring, and casting spells in a fantasy environment. Dungeon crawls look to be the main source of content, with four “scenes” created for teams to encounter.

It’s really interesting to watch the video below and imagine how fighting and manipulating the environment might function in an MMO as well. Age of Heroes is being created for all three main VR platforms by Chinese developer Omnigames. It’s already been greenlit on Steam and may be coming some time this year.

Source: Upload VR, Steam Greenlight. Thanks CazCore!
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