Diablo III sums up why Necromancers are getting smaller sets and weaker cooldowns

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Had you forgotten about the Diablo III Q&A stream about the Necromancer? Because that happened. Not to worry, though; there’s a full summary available for those who missed it, going over all of the important questions. For example, Necromancers will not get 7-piece item sets, specifically because the developers want to retain the identity of sets and mixing and matching pieces eradicates that.

This is not, it seems, the answer many players wanted, but it is an answer.

Blood is Power and Bone Armor are both receiving changes as well, as it was possible for testers to more or less become wholly invulnerable with the right loadout. Players who jump between platforms for the game will also note that the Necromancer pack is not purchased cross-platform; you’ll have to buy it for every platform where you’d like to play a Necromancer. You also will not be able to increase the total amount of time your pets remain up and active. So that collection of answers may not give you the answers you’d really like to hear across the board.


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Erik Heinze-Milne

Wait… so there is ZERO story content with the Necromancer? Well that sucks, was actually going to come back to D3 when the Necro came out. Now? Not so much.

chriskovo .

Why would anyone buy this? There is no new story and a new class should just come with an expansion with new story and the class!!! Anyone else getting disappointed in Blizzard now? Between all the crap they are pulling in wow and making all their other games look alike its getting pretty lame. The bad leveling system in this didn’t help either. Actually just started playing Grim Dawn again and loving that a lot more. Its feels like you really progress in that game as you level. Its not all sameness as in diablo3.

Henrique Elias

Why are they calling summons pets?

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

They aren’t summons. They are reanimated dead things. /s

Sounds like a semantic issue. A lot of people just use pets as a shorthand for any cosmetic or combat critters that the player bosses around.