Fan-made Overwatch short explores Mercy’s backstory

Fan-made Overwatch short explores Mercy’s backstory

If you’ve played a single Overwatch game with Mercy as your support hero, you’ve heard her rallying shout at least once – “Heroes never die!” That serves as both the title and the central theme behind a new fan-made film pitting Mercy against Widowmaker and exploring the good doctor’s past and motivation. It’s only a short film, but the production values are great for a fan film, and it’s well worth watching just below.

Oh, you don’t want to pay attention to dedicated fan productions, you just want to worry about actual balance changes? Fine, go over the changes from the game’s latest test patch. Soldier: 76 is getting his damage tuned down and Reinhardt’s Earthshatter will be a bit more restricted vertically; meanwhile, Genji and Hanzo can do damage faster after climbing walls and Orisa can use her protective barrier more often. There are your mechanical changes.

Seriously, a lot of effort went into that fan film. You should watch that.

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So good. A minute in I knew that I’d be in tears by the end and I wasn’t wrong.

Kaitlynn Stanley

This is really well done though there’s one question I have; didn’t Mercy make all her stuff? Did he even end up the one handling the Omnic war too or was it something unclear before since she just jumps to what seems like post-Omnic war against people?

Did they need to change it to her dad being the inventor or could it have been better if he was supportive of her or that she made a breakthrough in the same field?

I know it only went 9 minutes, but I’m not sure story-wise if this is a good interpretation since it takes away a significant scientific breakthrough she was canonically given.


Fair enough. But, I view this as a hype vid and nothing more. Not a bad thing actually. It is a good vid and a nice little tale. I don’t believe it has to be canon.