Ashes of Creation knocks out two stretch goals, confirms in-game food

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While the pace of the Ashes of Creation Kickstarter juggernaut is slowing somewhat as its first week goes on, progress is still being made for this fantasy MMO. Over the past day not one but two stretch goals were reached and the next pair revealed.

The campaign accumulated over 6,500 backers, meaning that, yes, there will be free puppies and kittens for anyone who contributes. The $1.25 million stretch goal was checked off as well, unlocking enhanced group mounts as a game feature. New stretch goals revealed for the project include unique weapon and armor skins as well as the creation of a unique subterrainian environment called the Underrealm.

Over on Instagram, the team revealed that there will indeed be in-game food, just in case you were worried or something. For more Ashes of Creation coverage, check out our initial and follow-up interview with the game’s CEO.

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