Conan Exiles moves to biweekly patch cadence, reshuffles development priorities


You might have noticed there was no Conan Exiles patch this week. That was intentional. Funcom says it hasn’t been happy with the quality of its patches on a quick turnaround; indeed, Joel Bylos apologizes. “In an effort to increase the quality of our patches we’ve made the call to step back from releasing a patch every week and instead hold patches back until we are certain they reach the bar of quality we’ve set for the game,” writes the studio.

It’s all part of a dev blog detailing the results of the game’s recent player survey. Turns out a majority of players prefer private PvP servers, play weekly, care most about combat and building, and want the exploits wiped off the map. And as for features? Conveniently, players want what’s already being worked on: mounts, thralls, and sorcery, followed by The Purge, exploration, farming, and sieging at the bottom, which surprised Funcom as sieging includes Avatar fixes, highly requested by players. “This could be a failure on our end to emphasize that this feature was included in sieging. In any case, Avatar defense is close to completion and we expect to roll it out soon, which hopefully covers the part of sieging that people have desired the most.”

In other Conan news, Funcom has announced server transfers for some EU servers as part of a new hardware test.

Source: Official blog. Thanks, David!

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People prefer private PvP because Funcom does absolutely nothing to police the official servers to keep Chinese (or, again, people with Chinese character names) from hacking, exploiting and generally just trying to ruin the experience of people on the North American servers.

Avatars are the just the worst idea that they just refuse to quit on. I get that it’s super cool to have a God walking among mere mortals but the reality is they’re just tactical nukes that players employ against people who are offline which 100% makes the whole downside basically non-existent.

They might as well call the “avatar defense” the “Yog Protection” because it’s basically the only Avatar people use to break/destroy the cliff bases that have no other way up there (the spaghetti monster can fly). The same goes for the rest of sieging where I’m sure they have these ideas of an epic siege battle with catapults and arrow defenders but it all gives way to the reality that solo players will just set it up over time at 3am while you sleep to break into your undefended base.

I don’t get the mounts thing. You can basically cross the whole map in no time at all.

All this is pretty typical of Funcom They’ll figure it out a year or so from now, but basically their 15 minutes of fame are over for this title till full release in 2018.

Roger Melly

I am sure if they stopped Chinese hacker all together there would still be plenty in North America to ruin the game for everyone .

Let’s face it there is a certain section of the gaming community that are anti-social @rse hats whatever country you come from .

Melissa McDonald

I look forward to games in the future where killing each other isn’t their lazy excuse for “content”.

I mean seriously, most MMOs these days are just MOBAs with big maps.


The main reason we see the PvP resurgence is because many of our MMO titles these days are crowd funded by developers who previously worked in “the industry.” For later half of the 2000’s we basically saw companies all trying to copy the success of WOW. Doing the same thing as everyone else is kinda boring, but that’s where the investor money was. As an old Turbine developer buddy told me, “If someone hands you a sack of money and tells you to make a WOW clone then you make a WOW clone.” I honestly doubt any of them weren’t a financial success even if they never approached WOW’s numbers because they were the safe financial bet.

However now developers are largely free from investors who are looking to turn a WOW-style profit, which is why many major companies have stopped investing into MMOs. However, developers can finally make the kinds of games they wanted to make and I think kinda naturally they’re going to work on the kinds of things they never were allowed to which means titles where PvP can play a major role in the game.

The reality is that many of these titles will likely not do so well. PvP titles are notorious for high player turn over (no one likes to lose, and not everyone can win) and very few are doing things to combat that. The real question is will we see a resurgence of PvE titles or will things just stagnate and kinda fall off there for MMO development.


I’m not fluent in Joel Bylos, but I do speak the language, here’s my rough translation for what he’s really saying about the patch cadence: “PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS is killing our population so we’re scaling back our releases to bi-weekly.”


I honestly don’t know why anyone plays any of them.

The survival is so stale as a genre. They are all the same damned thing. Battlegrounds is only big right now due to streamers. Once streamers hop on to something else, it will die off as well. Kids play what the streamers do, period. Id love an actual survival game to be like H1Z1 appeared like it was going to be from the start. Instead, we get king of the hill in 153252430 different survival games.