The Daily Grind: Do you seek out MMORPG leaks?


Over the past couple of months, the MMORPG community has worked its way through massive leaks of top-secret info: first for Elder Scrolls Online’s Morrowind, then for The Secret World’s morph into Secret World Legends, and most recently for Guild Wars 2’s upcoming expansion. The latter two events in particular provoked long discussions among our staff and commenters about when and whether to cover leaks that are already in the wild and how to approach news we’ve never agreed to withhold. And with The Secret World and Guild Wars 2, at least, the studios’ excessive secrecy and elitist invitation-only testing helped propel a masochistic community desire to see leaks manifest, leading to a perfect storm.

And now it’s ruined for everybody… or at least for people who couldn’t resist clicking past the spoiler warnings. I’m bummed that we’re going to miss out on the fun of unwrapping all those presents one at a time, in Guild Wars 2’s case anyway – it’s more fun and better hits to get to roll out a little at a time. But I’m also hopeful the studios might take alpha tester NDA betrayal as a sign to be more communicative and transparent too and not keep everyone in the dark as long as has gone on here. (Or maybe even just stick to paid testers from the start and give no regular player any temptations.)

How do you feel about MMORPG leaks personally — do you seek them out and click on them, or do you stay away?

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Ryan Allgood

I absolutely look at all leaks. I love information leaks. I think the whole industry has been put in this position where they can’t say *anything* without players taking it as 100% guaranteed fact and promises. So they always have to be super careful with what they say and they have to withhold 99% of the actually interesting information, or wait until almost the last minute to “reveal” things.

But leaks? Yeah, if something ends up not working out, they can be like “Well we never promised that.” You get all this raw information without the devs having to dance around subjects for fear that they will be taken as gospel.

I don’t look for hyper specific story leaks, but to be fair, I only care about the story in FFXIV.

The recent Guild Wars 2 leaks got me interested in the game and I logged in again for the first time in over a year.

Malcolm Swoboda

All the time. Until I find a MMORPG with a story compelling enough to not spoil myself about it (TSW comes close, and just about only TSW; this includes SWTOR and GW2).


I don’t seek them, but I don’t avoid them.

If anything I find them annoying because they’re generally incomplete and can lead to misled hype that ultimately leads to disappointment in something you would have never known about otherwise. A great example was Elementalists and sword from GW2 for Heart of Thorns. We had the skills datamined, and then we got a toot-toot horn and it was unbelievably disappointing.


…it’s more fun and better hits to get to roll out [leaks] a little at a time.


This is where one of pigtails wonder if the dog in question here would get a bad leg cramps from doing that. While the other pigtail is wonders if the dog’s bladder is a TARDIS? o.O


Well, it goes like this in my view: You are responsible for your own spoilage and Devs are responsible for their own leaks.

Players, please don’t go to reddit and then complain about leaks. Hec, even here at MOP, the titles of articles should give you a clue, right? Short of someone tackling you and forcing you to see and hear, you are in control of your leakage.

Devs… well, first, there are intentional leaks. Can’t get around that crappy practice and they seem to do it more and more often. Now days, when some Reddit hack claims to have scored “the stuff they don’t want you to know”, it is exactly the opposite.

But there are times when real leaks do happen. Big ones too. Yet the same rules apply.

Players see above.

Devs: Short of just blatant theft, Devs hand code to trusted individuals for testing and in doing so lose control to their data. Yup, their fault. Why? Vetting these trusted sources is on them. Also, making them sign NDAs with some teeth would help. They could do that, you, know. You leak, you pay 100k. That will grab a leakers attention. Instead, you have NDAs that are literally worthless.

That’s it. TLDR? See the first sentence of this post.

Robert Mann

Meh. I don’t really seek them out, but they don’t bug me much. So long as design is as it is, where story and everything is fairly static, that will be the case.

Loyal Patron

I don’t, but I also don’t play alpha or beta for the same reason. I want the games to be fresh and brand new for launch. There’s nothing like that feeling of first logging into a brand new game. The rush of excitement and newness coupled with the knowledge that all of your choices from then on are permanent.

If i play in a beta or alpha, I know they will be wiped eventually, so that feeling is muted and tainted. The same goes for leaks. If I’m constantly on the lookout for news, leaks, and media for an upcoming game I’m remotely excited for. By the time it releases, I’m kind of already over the honeymoon phase.

I’m not worried about having that edge over my fellow players. Most of them are like locusts and will be gone within a few months anyways.

Fervor Bliss

Never go looking for leaks. Spoilers never bother me either.


I don’t go looking for them. But if one happens to show up on some site i visit i will read it. Do i fel bad about the leak i don’t. I do not take games that seriously anymore.

odin valhalla

“It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing” A wise person.

Depends on your ethics.

Often when you come to fan sites or news sites that feature leaks with a little digging you can find literally pages of narrative on terms of service, code of conduct etc. Always built in is that little line on that includes something like “we reserve the right” and that harkens to my point, it depends on your ethics. The real issue is the application, when you choose to impose them sometimes then you dont others you loose credibility which is extremely hard to recover.

I personally think leaks are unethical, its a “leak” not a reveal or shared data. Is there measurable harm? I dont honestly know. I do know that not only do “leaks” happen but they are celebrated, often by the same individuals who rail against gaming companies for what they deem as unethical practices like lock boxes, P2W, pre alpha’s.

Must be nice to have your cake and eat it too.