Ashes of Creation passes the 8,000 backer mark

Big time.

It’s fun times when a Kickstarter is doing so well that the number of backers alone can unlock stretch goals. Ashes of Creation has passed the 8,000-backer mark, and that means a new weapon skin unlocked for Kickstarter backers specifically. The next goal is a whole armor set at 9,500 backers, which is going to take a little while to hit… but considering the Kickstarter is already closing in on 200% funded, it’s definitely on track.

The game also hit 100,000 accounts registered over the weekend, so it would seem that either there’s plenty of interest to make 9,500 backers a possibility or some people are very fond of creating sockpuppet accounts. If you want to catch a bit more of the game in action, you can check below for the most recent video from the development team; otherwise, you can just sit back and watch as the game’s numbers for both total funding and total backers continue to slowly rise.

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