Dekaron drops a huge patch with a dungeon, wardrobe, and class overhaul


This past week, “extreme action” MMO Dekaron came out with its Act 19 Part 1 update this past week, and the world was never the same again.

Well, that might be a bit hyperbolic, but the game is pretty on fire for this patch. It sounds like a fairly comprehensive update with plenty for everyone to enjoy, starting with an overhaul of all of Dekaron’s 12 classes and a new character title system.

Act 19 Part 1 opens the doors to the Forgotten Underground Temple, a dungeon with useful rewards to be plucked from the stiffening fingers of monster corpses. The update also contains the new item creation system, more quests, more store offerings, and a closet system that allows characters to save and swap cosmetic outfits.

Source: Dekaron

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I didn’t recall hearing of this game. (And your Dekaron link is missing its N so it goes to a 404.) MOP’s own tags only call up this article and one MOP UP. It wasn’t clear what this game is… and their website doesn’t help, either. I cannot figure out what this game is trying to be. From the vids here, it’s a chainmail bikini MOBA?

Skie Blue

It’s a very old game, it once went by the name of 2Moons. Heck I even played it a bit. Wasn’t anything too special but I do remember enjoying it. Perhaps I’ll try it again for old times sake (and realize I was probably wrong and it sucks….)


I actually remember this game, I think I played it once back when it was 2moons. Now I wish I could forget it again.


I don’t think I had ever heard of this game. And after watching the videos, I think I understand why.