Turbine renews Asheron’s Call domain through 2022


It’s weird to think that it’s already been a few months since Asheron’s Call¬†and its sequel were shut down by Turbine. Yet there’s a hint of a glimmer that the studio might not be done with its proprietary franchise, as Turbine renewed the Asheron’s Call domain name in April to stretch through June 2022. The registration was about to expire come this June.

OK, so before we get a little too giddy about a possibility for an Asheron’s Call resurrection or continuation of sorts, it’s much more likely that this is simply to protect the domain name that belongs to the studio’s only original IP. In other words, Turbine wouldn’t want someone else snagging Asheronscall.com and doing… something with it (currently, the website is down and the old URL doesn’t do anything).

Players were hoping that Turbine would have sold or released the Asheron’s Call code to the community following the studio’s split with Standing Stone Games, which took on Turbine’s other two MMOs. Instead, Turbine retained the AC franchise and has refused to comment on its plans, if any, for the series.

Source: Whois, Reddit
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