Ashes of Creation raises over $1.5M, eyes thieves guild and Underrealm race


Don’t look now, but Ashes of Creation’s Kickstarter campaign is officially on fire. In a good way.

The crowdfunding effort crossed over the $1.5 million line in the past 24 hours, which means that it’s hit yet another stretch goal. As a result, expanded naval content has been added to the docket (including underwater exploration!) and several new stretch goals have been posted.

“Everyone here is SO EXCITED about the additional ships and water content that we will be creating,” the team said. “Sea-based trade routes, combat ships, treasure hunting, underwater dungeons and mounts! A whole new sea of content.”

At $1.75M raised, development of The Underrealm will be included in the project. If the campaign can reach a cool $2M, social progression paths are planned for development, including a thieves guild, scholar’s academy, and trader’s company. And if the Kickstarter can keep it up and somehow make $2.5M, an Underrealm race with “beast-like attributes” and its own storylines will be developed.

Source: Kickstarter
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