Final Fantasy XI preps a new event for its 15th anniversary

That's not a doll, guy.

It’s been 15 years now since Final Fantasy XI first launched in Japan, and the game is still receiving updates to this day. (Seriously, we’ve made hundreds of “maintenance mode” jokes by now.) So it’s probably no surprise that a new anniversary event is coming to the game starting on May 16th. We don’t know what it’s going to include just yet, but we know there will be crab shirts and fantastic prizes for players to earn celebrating a game that launched closer to the creation of the world wide web than to the present day.

Of course, if anniversary events aren’t your thing, you could instead fill your time with a bit of good old-fashioned Mog Bonanza antics. Yet another lottery is coming, and plays can start purchasing marbles on May 16th. So you’ll have plenty of chances to celebrate the game, and you’ll have a chance to gamble big and totally lose out on what you wanted. It’s really the full FFXI experience right there.

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David Carson

15 years, eh? So anyone who logged in on release day and attacked a mob is probably almost due to make their second auto-attack swing, any day now!

Mr Poolaty

I remember back when behemoth hide was something.
I had all my mules loaded with calculated marbles do I was guaranteed a 3rd rank prize at least and that’s what I ended up with but I always had a sweet spot for the mob bonanza!!

Mr Poolaty

Yall got that FFXI MOBILE yet?