Massively OP Podcast Episode 116: Bree’s virtual garage sale


Is Ashes of Creation destined to be the Kickstarter event of the year? Today on the ‘cast, Bree and Justin talk about this crowdfunding tsunami, several MMO patches, a superhero preview, and even a launch. Also, Bree is selling the entire contents of her virtual garage. It was a busy week!

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if you miss that bioware gamemaster thing Divinity Original Sin 2 will have something similar.

And if Ashes of Creation is a rich guy self funding an mmo but not really but he’s going to make sure it happens, he’s already better than Curt Schilling and 38 studios.


GW2 release cadence:

Episode 5 – Early May
Episode 6 – Mid to late July

Expansion 2 announcement in July or August

Release in October or November

Season 4 begins January or February 2018

Titi Macel

ep6 beginning of aug and they will probably announce the xpac at gamescom on 25 aug (gw2 was released on that day in 2012).


Imagen Archeage but a better version without pay to win….

One can only hope such a day will come and it seems AoC will be the bringer of light in these dark ages of the mmo genre where studio’s are all about filling their pockets and milking their playerbase untill they leave with pure frustration and waiting for the failure.

Lets hope Steven can hold true to his promises and he will be the salvation for all of us.

Jacobin GW

Yeah just like how No Man’s Sky was the salvation for the space sandbox genre…

I agree that P2W turned the mmo genre into an online casino but the absolute last person I would give money to based on a list of promises is an MLM guru.

When there is an actual product it might be worth looking at, but until then get ready for endless referral link spam as people create fake hype to cash in.

Melissa McDonald

Honestly it isn’t the game companies’ faults. We quit paying subscriptions. Revenues were down. What to do? Then DDO and LOTRO and other games like EQ2 started going to a F2P model. After that, it was all micro-transactions and p2W kinda stuff. Never used to have that back in the sub days.

Melissa McDonald

I loved AA until somebody murdered me. It had many cool features, and some of the most gorgeous cities I’ve seen in an MMO. Who doesn’t enjoy hang gliding? It’s awesome fun.

My only beef other than PvP was that my pretty avatar’s eyes were fixed and lifeless. They didnt’ dart around like other games, like they should.

edit: How is another PvP sandbox/gankbox/crankbox/schmankbox going to save the genre? I refuse to play games where somebody can kill me without me agreeing to a duel.

Brother Maynard

From what we know about the game, it is impossible to say it will be a gankbox. All interviews have so far indicated otherwise. It was pointed out to you several times, as you seem to enjoy posting the same single worry in every AoC article.

With so little evidence the game is steered that way and most – if not all – of it in fact showing otherwise, at this stage the whole idea of AoC as a ruthless PvP gankbox for sociopaths is all in your head.