Secret World Legends launches June 26; check out the new trailer

When Funcom told everyone a few weeks ago that Secret World Legends was still on track for spring, MMO gamers were skeptical. Technically, they were right to be: Funcom has this morning announced that the game will launch on June 26th, a few days after the summer solstice.

As we’ve previously reported, the game is a “shared-world role-playing game” reboot-like “reimagination” of MMORPG The Secret World, which will be maintenance moded in its wake. The new game, which has been in beta this spring, is still under NDA.

Secret World Legends features a revamped combat system, newly designed progression system, updated visuals, and more. You can choose to explore and uncover the story by yourself, or you can team up with other players. In the game’s central hub, Agartha, you can meet and socialize with hundreds of other players, while player population in the adventure areas beyond will be tightly controlled to make sure that the experience is as immersive as possible and that the focus remains on you and your journey.”

Stay tuned for more, as we’ll be chatting with the studio this afternoon, and check out the new trailer and images down below.

Source: Press release

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Roger Melly

I am interested enough to try it but given I didn’t enjoy TSW after they made it considerably easier a couple of years ago I don’t know how appealing this will be .

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Feyd Darkholme

So here’s a question; What is going to happen to those holiday events with open world bosses that require large raids to take down? Are they just going to scale them down to be soloable or just remove them from the game or what? I am the type of player that really enjoys special events and it would be a rather large negative for me if they were no longer in the game.


Brill! I liked the setting so much that I dragged myself through an entire game’s worth of annoying combat for it, but I won’t shed a tear when it’s no more. It wasn’t so bad when you could look at what went wrong in a boss fight and go away and make up a new deck, but Tokyo crapped on that from a height, unless you wanted to epic-grind every bloody weapon.

I got almost to be boardroom in Tokyo before those respawning false bees finally made me decide I’d had enough.


I doubt this is going to go very well. A month and a half away and still under NDA? It’s not like they’ll likely be able to make significant improvements/changes to what’s mostly set in stone for the game at this point in development.
It doesn’t sound like they’ve actually done anything major to really make this a better game beyond going F2P.

Toy Clown

Oh man, I’m stoked! Looking forward to picking this up when it launches. Or… after it launches. Also have ESO and FFXIV expansions coming out in the same month. I’ll have to choose! :O

Ben Stone

The only thing I wanted from this update was better combat animations and they havent delivered. The spellcasting animations in particular are embarrassingly terrible. The rest just looks like whats already on offer? What a wasted opportunity. New players will leave as soon as they see the combat…. Again.


The game looks the same, combat looks different but not really better, this vagueness isn’t exactly inspiring confidence, this close to launch they should have pretty much everything ready to go, and they should be showcasing it, oh well i’ll play anyway but not very optimistic at this point.

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Cool, a month and a half more wait, I can do that. Should give me plenty of time to knock out a lot of goals in ESO/GW2 before diving into SWL.


Oi Funcom ! Scrap the second half of Egypt – it’s shite.

Bryan Correll

I like the story and missions for City of the Sun God allright, but dear god what a horrible map to navigate.

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Agreed. The content in Egypt is great fun, and a lot of it is very well-written, but traveling around the Egypt zone is a misery. So much time spent back-tracking, and so many cases of “you can’t get there from here”.

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Ugh. I don’t see much appealing about this. They should have just tweaked the live version a bit and released some new content. Why Funcom? Why?!