Steam Hammer brings survival steampunk to early access this Friday


For those craving more Telsa coils and calculation engines than swords and spells, there’s the brand-new Steam Hammer that’s coming to Steam early access on Friday, May 12th.

Players begin by crash-landing their airship on an island in an industrial revolution-level world. Faced with rebuilding their society and technology, the community will craft their own weapons, buildings, and airships from materials around the island. It won’t be a cakewalk, due to the inherent conflict between the two factions vying for power.

Steam Hammer is a 64-player survival sandbox with lots of steampunk gadgets and weapons, including chain swords, airships, motorcycles, alchemistry, and Telsa generators. Also, there are turkey farms, because it isn’t just about nonstop killing.The game just had a wipe of its global servers two days ago to prepare for its big moment on Steam. In preparation for the early access release, you can check out the trailer after the break.

Source: Steam Hammer
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I thought I had never heard of this so I went to Steam just now & It’s on my “Following” list. I musta discovered it while inebriated one night and forgot about it, lol.


FINALLY! A new survival game!

Melissa McDonald

Genuinely curious when this “sandbox” thing will run out of gas from too many games, too much dilution.

One big reason why I think the “REAL” future is in virtual reality. There isn’t much left to do on a flat screen.

Putting you inside the game? That’s a genuinely new ball game, and there are a lot of brilliant people working out those problems amongst the biggest tech companies in the world.


This looks awesome!

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Alfredo Garcia

This video has everything that the one linked in the article does not:

Better music as well.

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Steam Hammer is a 64-player survival sandbox

I was mildly intrigued until this bit. Nope, I’ll pass.


Those guys are clearly overcompensating for something with those pistols.



It’s PVP so thanks but hell naw, maybe they’ll add a PVE server if things go well.

I wish someone would make City of Steam in UE.

Stephen Goyette

Copy paste Life is Feudal, add in steam punk. Supposedly a developer left from LiF left and moved from on to make this. Sadly this looks more finished than LiF is in their MMO. Let’s just hope there’s no pending lawsuits for stealing code…

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Pity its PVP if it had a PVe server I would be all over this. :(