The Daily Grind: What do you want out of a space sim MMO?


Watching the whole development and phenomenon of Star Citizen from a slightly detached perspective, I’ve often wondered (as I’m sure you have) what this game will actually end up being in the end. Certainly, many grand and impressive-sounding statements have been put out there, but we’ve all been hurt by unfulfilled promises before.

What’s really got me thinking is how everyone interested in this project seems to project their own desires into it. Ain’t none of us want the same things for a space sim MMO, unless you’re one of those mad players who wave your hands around and say “EVERYTHING!” like you’re a kid at a toy store who can’t focus on a few important purchases.

So assuming that you’re interested in space sims, what do you want out of MMORPGs in this field? Is it narrative? Trading? Planetary exploration? Combat? FPS boarding action? Weird aliens? Your own starbase? Janitorial simulation? Hardcore survival mechanics? Softcore space visuals?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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A game of this scale and ambition should be looking real hard at what make some of the most successful MMOs work. Trying to re-invent core mechanics from scratch will be a big mistake.

Galaxy = Elite Dangerous. Great scale. Realistic. Also like the approach of faction/territory in a bubble close to start and then undiscovered limitless exploration beyond.
Planetary exploration / resource gathering = Minecraft. Has a simplistically fun, find resources, collect, build.

Economy = EVE. Very mature/robust economy. Possibly too mature due to the evolved complexity of ship types, modules, etc. A slightly more simplistic economy that retains the ability to buy/sell in different local markets with economic engineered price supports and subsidies to compensate for the lack of real market liquidity.

Player Base = EVE. The more regular players the better.

Selectable PVP/PVE = World of Warcraft, selectable for 90% of world. Some small pockets 100% PVP. Avoidable for those solely interested in PVE. Ability to flag or be flagged PVP for attacking players, guards (police).

Graphics = Star Citizen. They seem to be on a very good path at creating ships and environments. Hopefully that is scalable and sustainable.

Groups/guilds/tribes = World of Warcraft. Big part of what makes that game still strong after 13 years of existence.

Is that so hard?


I want to explore the stars with a ship full of teammates. I don’t really care too much for combat. But the idea of a sandbox galaxy where where you get together with a bunch of friends, or a group of like minded individuals, and play as a crew on a single ship (each of you having specializations, skills, and specific roles) and just go gallivanting across an ever expanding galaxy discovering new things and doing as you please…..just imagining it makes my pulse quicken.

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I would like an economy that matters, where the distance of a far flung mining outpost truly means something. I would like the ability to share the command of an exploration ship with my friends, and visit nebulas and sail through asteroid belts. Where there was a good chance, because of remoteness, that no one had been there before. Yet if I wanted, I could return to central (read more populous) space, and trade stories, visit shops, exchanges goods and services and even participate in the defence against an aggressive alien race.

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Peregrine Falcon

I want Traveller Online. So far it looks like Star Citizen just might be living up to that! :)

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I want my Sorosuub 3000 back!

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….dong slider

Oleg Chebeneev

Having read all the answers below, I see every one of you want Star Citizen

Roger Melly

I think we all want what Star Citizen aspires to be but I must admit there does seem to be some pay to win aspect about the game that have alarmed me as well as the delays in the development and reports of shambolic practices at the company .

To be honest I have given much hope of seeing a release before the end of this decade .


Basically the ship building and control model of KSP in the ED or SC persistent world.

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A quality economy that isn’t sabotaged by end game grind, with detailed crafting (down to sub-sub-sub-components), and a the ability to wander around / get out of / customise the interior if your vehicles.


Basically a modern “Wing Commander/Privateer Online” for me – which is pretty much what Star Citizen aspires to be (considering it’s being developed by the same person who made WC I – IV and Privateer) even though it of course has a different overall backstory/narrative. That’s why I backed it when CR announced it.

I hope it’ll get there, but we’ll see.