Absolver demonstrates its flexible combat system, plans August 29 debut


“Combat is your art. And mastering the medium is essential to becoming an Absolver.”

Multiplayer action RPG Absolver is putting great stock in its flexbile combat system, making it the be-all and end-all of your character’s purpose. To wit, the team posted a combat overview to show the three initial melee forms that can be learned and how players might choose to mix-and-match abilities to create their own unique fighting style.

The Forsaken style allows players to parry attacks, Windfall users avoid hits altogether, and the Kahlt Method allows for damage absorption. While fighting, players will move to one of four stances, in which there are different attacks available. By picking favorite attacks, players can slot them into a combat deck and create a sequence of moves for each of the stances.

See how the combat flows in the video below, and don’t miss the last couple of slides of the video, which confirm an August 29th launch on PC and PS4.

Source: Twitter. Thanks IgnisGray!
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