Overwatch players rack up 145.5M Uprising matches

A guardian angel with a rifle.

Now that Overwatch has wrapped up its two-month Uprising campaign, how did it fare? Quite well, as probably anyone could have told you. The lore-heavy event racked up over 145.5 million matches before all was said and done, so it’s safe to assume that the studio is thinking about doing something similar in the future.

This number comes courtesy of a post-mortem infographic about Uprising. The infographic revealed that Null Sector trounced Overwatch in victories (78M to 67M), players looted over 815.5M loot boxes, and the highest score for any one game was an impressive 27,511 points.

Check it out for yourself after the break!

Source: Blizzard

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Gregg Henley

Yeah, I too think the FPS aspect of the game is good, it must be a Millennial thing. Overwatch-the name itself makes this game so popular as the characters in this game builds a thrilling effect in the game, that makes gamers crazy for playing this game again and again. I remember one of my good friends is also a craziest fan of playing this game ever since he was suggested to Buy Overwatch along with CD keys from the Official site of Instant-gaming.


Nice to see a positive Blizzard article from a biased staff.

Dug From The Earth

Blizzard pulled a nintendo here… removing something that the fans obviously loved.

And yet, the kept the shoddy CTF mode


Never will see why this game is so popular…it must be a Millennial thing

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

I can’t make any comments on the millennial thing, but I like the drop in / drop out nature of it. I rarely play competitively, and put myself as probably slightly above average in skill. It’s just … easy and rewarding. I don’t really like FPSs, and Overwatch is the only one I’ve been able to get into.

Though, I do have to say seeing the world, the lore – I constantly want more of the setting instead of 30 second bits here and there. Overwatch the FPS makes me mourn what Titan the MMO could have been if Blizzard hadn’t gotten cold feet over the who MMO thing. While the FPS aspect of the game is good, I think it’s just a pale shadow to the quality / breadth of game it could have been as Titan.


I’m many years past being a millenial and I enjoy it. Had tried it in beta and didn’t like it at all but I recently tried it again and now I find myself playing a few matches every night