Shroud of the Avatar stops supporting DX9


Hope Shroud of the Avatar players weren’t too attached to DX9, because the API collection is now being exorcised from the upcoming MMO. This week, Portalarium announced on the forums that DX9 was causing issues and would no longer be supported in upcoming builds:

We’ve had some challenges ensuring stability when supporting all of the DirectX (DX) features that the game employs. A key roadblock is supporting legacy versions of DX. Because these problems continue to hinder development, starting in Release 42, we will be discontinuing support for DX 9. DX 11 will continue to be the core version. We are also looking into the possibility of eventually DX 12 support.

This update most likely will not affect any of you. If you have a system that runs old operating systems like Windows 98 (DX9), or video cards that do not support DX11+ at all, then the game is not going to run well (or likely at all) anyway. If you wish to still play, we highly recommend upgrading your system to support a DX11+ video card and operating system. The game’s minimum system requirements, listed in the website FAQ, will be updated upon Release 42 going live.


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Ok, I can understand going with DX12 for Windows 10-only games, but seeing as this game supports Linux, SteamOS, and Windows 7/8 as well, wouldn’t Vulkan be a better option over DX12 since it has feature parity, and Vulkan supports Win7, Win8, and all Linux Distros?


Honestly, as Windows 10 becomes more and more prominent in the market, more companies are going to have to start doing this.

It utterly sucks playing DX9 games on Win10.


Considering the massive ransomware (1) attack on the UK’s NHS this week, primarily because they run unsupported operating systems like Win XP, then anyone still using XP or earlier on a system connected to the internet is two stubbies short of a sixpack. As Solaris says, those systems are probably very rare too.

It is a bummer being forced to upgrade to run a game that you want to play, but sometimes it’s completely necessary. Hardly anyone makes 32 bit games anymore either, most now default to 64 bit. Those old PCs and OS’s won’t run many modern games.

1. The attack uses the leaked hacking software developed by the NSA.

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Unfortunately, I suspect that the players for whom an old school game like this appeals will have a higher proportion of old school systems than players of the more state-of-the-art games. Hopefully they’ll be in a position to upgrade as necessary to keep their dream alive!


I’m in one of the largest guilds in the game. We’re all on modern PCs. I suspect this will affect an extremely small % of the playerbase.

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Hopefully it will still run on this, I don’t want to upgrade right now.