Survival sandbox Steam Hammer has already seen a major world balancing pass


We’d never heard of Big Way Games’ Steam Hammer before last week’s debut on Steam’s early access platform: It’s a multiplayer sandbox survival game (64 players to a shard) built around making steampunks fight dieselpunks. Reviewers thus far have likened it to Wurm Online and Life is Feudal, and several have complained about the lack of female characters, but surely that’s just a matter of time and patches. The most recent patches, in fact, have made some big balance and QOL changes already, including doubling gathering speed and increasing both spawns and gathering materials.

The game raised over $50,000 from crowdfunders last year, though it was in development a year or two before that. Possibly the most shocking thing about it is that it’s actually delivering on schedule — its Kickstarter promised a May 2017 alpha, and here we are.

The game is not to be confused with SteamHammerVR, a virtual reality game also in access on Steam. The full launch is expected at the end of 2017; early access will set you back $26.99 as of press time. Want to see it in action? We got an early look over the weekend!

Source: Steam

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Kody Gloval

Yes, the game is based on the Life is Feudal engine. I have been playing LiF: Your Own and also the MMO beta for the past few months, and the similarities are jarring.

However the biggest issue is the current state of the game. Whilst it is Early Access and all the caveats that come with that, it is almost unplayable. The animations, gathering and general mechanics are terrible. And most importantly there is currently a bug where once you create your own world, you can’t get back into it again! That has been there for the past five days…

I have seen few patches over the past few days (none of which fix the save world problem), so I hold out hope. I enjoy the LiF engine and the Steampunk setting is intriguing. I just hope they can get their act together and sort the game breaking issues :-)

Cody Owens

This game seems incredibly similar to Life is Fueldal in terms of interface, sounds, etc. Almost suspicious. :/


It’s the same engine. It was licensed to them. But ya, it’s way too similar.