Project Genom adds day/night cycle, says longest programming tasks are almost done


“The longest and the most difficult programming tasks are almost completed,” crowed the team over at Project Genom. In this week’s newsletter, the sandbox’s progress through alpha development and testing outlined a game that is coming together.

For example, a day/night cycle has been added to the game that will rely on server time and make Project Genom feel more natural. Other projects include adding in a scientist camp, designing higher-level armor for characters, improving female character animations, and tweaking the visuals for snow-capped locations.

The team said that it’s working to make the world come alive with NPCs: “We also continue adjusting and adding the non-player characters, trying to improve their behavior and interaction with the environment. The work has begun on the possibility of dialogues between NPCs. In addition to visual component, we want to add a system of optional quests which a player can get by overhearing conversations between NPCs. Dialogues between NPCs will also become an additional mechanics for the main plot quests. We’re working on the system allowing NPCs patrolling the territory.”

Source: Steam

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Have they put the genome into project Genom yet? or have they just gone ahead and dropped their signature feature?

Melissa McDonald

Few things add as much to make a world “living” as day/night cycles, and weather. We don’t give them enough praise, but we sure do notice if they aren’t in the game.