Emil Chronicle Online closes its last server


It’s the end of the line for one long-running Japanese MMORPG.

Emil Chronicle Online, also abbreviated ECO (no relation), is closing down its very last server in August, MMO Culture reports. The anime MMO first launched in Japan back in 2005 and was gradually licensed out to other countries and regions over successive years. However, most of those other versions were subsequently shuttered (such as the English version back in 2010), leaving the Japanese server as the sole survivor.

The game went free-to-play back in 2009 and included some pretty wacky stuff, including the ability to morph into a marionette and the opportunity to roll as a machine race called (we kid you not) Deus Ex Machina. Check out a trailer below for a sample of Emil Chronicle Online’s flavor.

Source: MMO Culture

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Surviving those 12 years might be amazing, but I still find the shutdown surprising. After all, the game seemed catered for general Japanese MMO audience, considered popular in Japan, still receiving updates, and have a decent amount of players online.
Nevertheless, it’s a shame that it had little to no popularity outside Japan. Could have survived several more years otherwise.

agemyth 😩
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agemyth 😩

I did not know that you existed, but I am sorry to hear you are gone (soon).

Indigo Salma

I found this game extremely complicated. Couldn’t find quests or get around in the areas , the maps were really confusing and hard to find the quest NPC’s . There are still lots of private servers with up to date files though.


Wow never heard of it before.


12 years is a good run.


F. That game was amazing. 36 classes. You start in the center of the world, pick a direction and start walking and see how far you can go. Secrets items and hidden quests out the wazoo. Unique crafting system(No recipe books. You have to obtain the item and THEN you can peek at it’s recipe! Item collectors held monopolies!). Stats gain immediate and noticable growth. Especially AGI which increased your dodge rate and attack speed!

What I liked the most was the possession system. You could inhabit your own equipment and drop to the ground for any player to pick up and wear you. Then you share exp! You can log out and let people wear you as a rare item, or you can stay online and use magic to help grind or heal your wearer. And a single tank could basically wear their entire party and walk around with arrows and magic shooting at monsters from their body. It was a fun system!


That does sound good. Too bad I never heard of the game until now. I would have given it a whirl.


Very cool looking game.