Old school-style MMO Arcfall hits Steam early access


Craving some old school challenge in your MMORPG diet? You might want to try a helping of Arcfall, a game that’s an intentional throwback to the Ultima Online era and that also just arrived on Steam early access.

This pre-alpha build has a rather long feature list implemented already, including open-world housing, a player economy, farming, full loot on death, PvE zones, five regions to explore, and a classless skill-based character system. There are many other features in the works, such as guilds, PvP, dungeons, ships, player-owned islands, and the wider world.

Arcfall is notable for its graphical style, which is reminiscent of Albion Online and RuneScape rather than the over-the-shoulder perspective seen in most MMORPGs. The team behind this indie MMO is only starting to get the word out about the title, so for all intents and purposes this is the public debut of the title.

Early access is expected to last for most of the year, followed by a beta in late 2017. Until May 23rd, Arcfall is 30% off on Steam at just $14. After that it returns to its base price of $20.

Source: Steam. Thanks Austin!

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After what the Albion Online devs pulled on the community years ago, I can’t back another game that claims to be a sort of pre-trammel UO game.

Albion Online was first touted to be the second coming of UO. Then they changed the entire flipping game because of the community that joined up and didn’t know what the original UO was about.

Zulika Mi-Nam
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Zulika Mi-Nam

In case you want to see the founders packs and/or by some in-game currency



I’ll keep an eye on this


Now we know where Albion got its art assets from.

Mr Poolaty

Um yea looks exactly like Albion Online

Kickstarter Donor

Cool. I’ll play it when it’s done.