Dark and Light lets you kill, harvest, and stitch together magic pets


Imagine you’re a hunter. Imagine that for every deer you kill, you take a part of it home with you and keep it in a jar, like that’s a sane thing to do. And imagine that if you collect enough parts, you can velcro them together to make a loyal deer pet of your very own. Your mind just went to a dark place, didn’t it? Sorry about that.

Well, this totally normal activity is programmed into the feature set of Dark and Light, but instead of your stock deer, you can harvest elementals to make your own companion. We wonder how they feel about that, being sentient magical Frankenstein monsters assembled from murdered relatives.

“Newer explorers should steer clear if they happen across a wild one,” the devs advise in a new dev blog, “but more experienced players can kill elementals and harvest them for powerful magical cores. These cores can be used as crafting reagents for high-level items and spells, or, once enough cores have been collected, they can be used to summon a tamed elemental of your very own.”

Source: Steam

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This reminds me of the house I kept in Skyrim full of bodies for later necromatic use

Colin Goodwin

:o this game keeps looking more and more like the Fantasy version of Ark I’ve been waiting for. If it can hit the marks for graphical fidelity/performance, combat feel, and map design this might shape up to be something I end up playing and enjoying, a welcome change from my norm of fantasy being reserved for traditional RPGs and mmo’s in my gaming library.

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Rees Racer

Oh…but what to name that companion?


Abby….. Abby Normal. :P

Melissa McDonald

cue Buffalo Bill and lotion quotes…

Peter Reynolds

I’m intrigued…. you have my attention.

Rolan Storm

Interesting approach.