Conan Exiles on environmental siege effects, pets, trade, and Zelda-like climbing


In case you missed the Conan Exiles Twitch stream Friday, and you probably did because who stays home on a beautiful May Friday to watch 50 MMO companies doing video game streams, then you can catch the recap video. Funcom’s Joel Bylos, Jens Erik Vaaler, and Nicole Vayo spend quite a bit of time lobbing exploding orbs around, showing off temporary effects (water is on fire at the moment, but eventually it’ll douse existing fires!) and oil bombs that’ll make sieges really interesting.

The team also posted up a new Q&A on Reddit this weekend; Bylos notes that the planned list of pets might be cut down to fit the development timeline, hostile NPC camps are taking a back seat to The Purge, an installer tool for community mods is on the agenda eventually, proper trading isn’t in planning at all, and the climbing system is a “game changing system” that will shift how people build, siege, and explore:

“The best I can do is encourage you to watch some videos of how it works in Zelda: Breath of the Wild (it is quite similar). Essentially, you can climb anywhere and the distance will be determined by your stamina bar. Some materials will not be climbable (interior dungeon walls, for example). You don’t need special gear to climb, but you can increase your climbing speed with special gear. You can climb on slants and even dangle by your two hands and monkey your way across the bottom of horizontal surfaces. As the coder who is working on it says, ‘Once you play the game with the climbing system, it sucks to go back to playing without it.'”

Source: Reddit, YouTube

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Roger Melly

I sort of hoping this will be part of the humble bundle monthly bundle sometime . It’s not a game I would pick up at full price but bundled at 12 dollars with a load of other games thrown in for good measure I would be tempted to say the least .


Didn’t get the Barbarian Edition t-shirt stuff… Anyone could explain it to me please?


this looks awesome. Conan Exiles is gonna be a excellent game when it launches next year. Cant wait for all the planned features to come to the game.