Crowfall explains the logic and breadth of passive powers

Well, I'll take it, but I won't pay much for it.

It is reasonable to assume that anyone who has spent a bit of time playing MMOs is familiar with the basic concept of passive powers. They’re powers you don’t click to operate, they just… work. But Crowfall is taking the concept a bit further with its passive powers, as players will start with a variety of passives from race, class, and any disciplines chosen. At this time, three can be slotted, but these powers are not limited to selections like beating things up with more power.

For example, are you just starting to gather? You can equip gathering passives which will allow you to gather more resources when you’re just starting out. Have an otherwise great weapon with an awful power cost modifier? Equip a passive to drop your power costs again and balance it out. Invested a lot of points in leadership? Equip the Group Leadership skill and unlock powerful buffs as long as you’re in the lead of the party. It’s a multi-faceted system, in other words, and there should be no shortage of interesting combinations to build for dedicated players.


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Melissa McDonald

Seems a little odd that passive powers must be slotted? I guess I’m just used to LOTRO where they are attributes that are on full-time.


Not really, the only real difference is that you while you have a large pool of powers to choose from, you only get the benefit of the ones you slot instead of getting all of them…allows for a little more character customization until the metaheads/theorycrafters come up with the best builds. Then it becomes cookie cutter.