Revelation Online’s Iceborn update melts on your PC today

Revelation Online‘s Iceborn update is live in the game today as promised. The big draw is the faction war for level 40+ characters, along with what has dubbed “Inner Demon Trials,” which are not an existential test but are in fact small-group portal dungeons. Yeah, strange demon portals, what could go wrong?

“The update introduces a full-scale Guild versus Guild tournament, a new ice cold battleground and exciting new trials for adventurers to test themselves in. Situated at the top of the world, the Snowpine Peak Battleground unfolds a new chapter in the faction war between two known races in Nuanor. The feathered Wingar and the furry Ursids are at each other’s throat and it is up to each player to select a faction and jump in to determine the outcome!”

Get caught up with the launch trailer, which we’ve tucked down below.


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What do massively readers think of this game? Is it any good? What does it do well- exploration, combat, crafting etc. ?


I tried it a few times, but didn’t stick with it.
Not because RO is a bad game, but I think other games do just about everything better.

If you like Asian style MMOs and you want a F2P game, you should give it a try.
I did like the combat and unique spell FX(like the “astral” whales that fly out of the ground and attack/hit your enemies AOE…forget which class that was…)