Ship of Heroes upgrades its graphic engine


Even superheroes like to look their best.

The Ship of Heroes team announced that it just finished updating the game’s graphic engine to Unreal Engine 4.14.3, which will give the devs some shiny new toys to integrate into the upcoming sci-fi MMO. The update was not to the Unreal Engine’s latest build, as the devs prefer to stay a step behind so as to work with a trusted and stable version.

“What does this mean for the Ship of Heroes team?” the devs asked. “Well, we’d like to highlight one particularly helpful new feature: in 4.14, Epic has added a tool which enables developers to generate lower level of detail (LOD) variations for static meshes with a few clicks.  It sounds simple, but this is a big time-saver for artists who no longer have to spend time creating those lower-detail LODs manually. ”

As a bonus, these LOD variation buildings have a fraction of the polygon count of the original structures, offering faster load time and smoother playfield rendering.

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Melissa McDonald

Using unreal over unity seems to always be an upgrade, just my impression .

Pedge Jameson

Using wet toilet paper over Unity will always be an upgrade.


It does look nice!

Maybe they will do a kickstarter….one that lasts more than a few days.

Chris Riggs

who is going to invest in another successor after CoT sucked up all the kickstarter money to pump out mountains of “lore” and a bit of unimpressive video?

Dug From The Earth

I already thought SoH’s was the best looking (visually) of all the current CoH successors, an engine upgrade pushes it even further ahead of the rest.

However… engines can only do so much. A bad level designer even with the best and newest engine, can still make a game look awful. The one thing this game really needs to improve upon is the large areas of completely flat ground that really makes the game look like something out of the 1990s “beyond the minds eye” videos.