Win That War hauls out a ‘truly massive scale RTS”


Remember when real-time strategy games were all the rage and not games where you did weird things with dino poop to stay alive? Insane Unity does, which is why the studio is building a MMORTS called Win That War.

“The heart of the Win That War experience lies in a massively multiplayer online campaign, in which opposing factions wage merciless war to conquer territories at planetary scale,” the team explains. Players join up with one of three retro-futuristic factions to conquer the galaxy one planet at a time.

Win That War just launched on Steams early access and includes a PvE mode for those who would rather beat up a computer than a fellow gamer. The game’s not free to check out, alas; it costs $20 to purchase at this stage of testing. Check out the trailer after the break!

Source: Win That War, Steam


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Lee Baker

Oh man this sounds neat! Could be a dream come true for those people who loved to spend a lot of time building up hugely defended bases.


Hope this manages to be the one that actually gets it right. Seems like a handful of attempted MMORTSes have attempted to do the whole ‘big endlesss war over a giant world’ thing only for it to fall flat.