Allods Online’s Creation update is live with a fresh start bonus experience server

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As promised, Allods Online has pushed Creation, its first patch of the Immortality expansion, live in the west today, complete with an Olympic-style athletic competition, the Dionic Archipelago, new insignias, new artifact gear, user addon tweaks, Maze rating adjustments, and a number of bug and balancing fixes.

But perhaps the most interesting bit is the addition of a brand-new fresh-start clean server.

“We have launched Equilibrium – the first Allods Online server with triple bonus on killing monsters. Until August 1, we invite you to participate in the server’s grand marathon, where you will also receive awesome prizes for leveling up your character: level 8 Runes, a riding Furnace, and many other valuables.”

This won’t be the first special server to launch for Allods; the Russian import is famous for having launched free-to-play and opening a subscription server in 2013.

Source: Official site, patch notes. Thanks, Malcolm!
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Bruno Brito


Game goes too speedy nowadays, and fills you with boutique crap that i can’t be bothered to numerate. A lot of the items are unecessary til a certain level, so i guess it’s their way to say “here’s a number of crap from our cashshop for you to see how awesome we are!”

Before level 15, respecs are free. You get a free one at level 75. You HAVE TO BUY A GODDAMN WATER OF SOMECRAP TO RESPECT BETWEEN 16-74.

If this company burns, i’ll be a happy guy.

Bruno Brito

Gonna test now and reporting later.

Malcolm Swoboda

Me too maybe :)