Legendary pokemon are teased for Pokemon Go as a new anti-cheat measure auto-bans bots

Don't put me in a ball dude what the heck.

Remember how last summer was all about Pokémon Go? That’s probably not going to happen again this year, but the team behind the game at Niantic is certainly hoping for something similar with the promise that the summer will be legendary. That certainly alludes to a bunch of legendary Pokémon wandering the world, so if you’ve long been hoping for a Zapdos you could name “Captain Zappywing,” you might be closer than you thought.

Of course, all of that is only if you’re playing the game legitimately. A new anti-cheat measure is being deployed against botting accounts, and rather than bans, it seems to be flagging accounts in a far more insidious manner. The flagged accounts can still play the game… but all they see are common Pokémon, rather than any of the rarer or more desirable ones. The community on Reddit has worked overtime in analyzing the bans and found very few false positives, making it a welcome boon to those playing the game legitimately.


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I almost feel bad that I rage quit Pokemon Go.


Andrew Ross
Andrew Ross

I’m afraid to ask: what made you rage quit?


Best ball type,
good spin,
got an excellent on the throw.

Pokemon breaks free in like a second and runs off.

The realization that that was going to begin happening more and more often crashed down on me and i was dragging the icon to the trash can.