Project Genom works on enhanced customization, player cabins, and snow biomes


A “calm and productive” week for the Project Genom saw project advancement in many different areas. The team laid out a list of these various tasks in this week’s newsletter, which is a quick and inspiring read for fans of this sci-fi sandbox.

So what’s the good word? Improvements are being made to characters, with female animations coming along, additional customization options included, and more armor models developed. Ten miles of snow-capped terrain is being added to the world, NPCs are starting to have conversations with each other, and refinements are being made to the day/night cycle.

One interesting feature in development is a player cabin: “We’ve begun working on the concept for the player’s personal cabin. The cabins will be expanded and customized as needed. All complex cabin blocks will carry a special meaning and mechanics helping the player. Each separate wall block can be replaced with another more suitable for your gaming style. For example, a bedroom block will restore health and temporarily increase all vital indicators. The bathroom will allow you to remove some unpleasant debuffs from the character, and the craft block will allow you to create quality items from different ingredients.”

Source: Steam

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