Valiance Online asks its fans what’s the most important part of a superheroic MMO

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What makes for a great superheroic MMO? What are the most important aspects of the game to consider? The developers behind Valiance Online obviously have several answers of their own, but a question on the game’s official forums turns that question back over to the community. What do you think is the most important part of making this game great?

The responses are already varied and in-depth; the argument is being made, for example, that a big part of it is understanding the fantasy of being a superhero and the importance of letting individual heroes tackle strong villains alone. There’s also a lot of discussion of how challenging content should be and the amount of content in the game, along with discussion of which MMOs succeed at providing all of the right elements (a list that doesn’t start and stop with City of Heroes, incidentally) and which ones do not. If you’re curious about what has been said or just want to add your own thoughts, the thread is right here.


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