RIFT surveys players on ‘challenge server’ idea, hosts artifact weekend

Why Is Trion Like This, Just Kidding, We Actually Know
[AL:Rift]You might recall that back in March, the RIFT producer’s letter stated that the team was mulling over the idea of instituting limited-run “challenge servers” that would operate with crazy rules and offer players ways to earn unique rewards for their main characters.

Well, now the team is allegedly surveying players on what they think about these proposed servers. According to a survey email that was sent out to some players, the team said, “In a recent RIFT producer’s letter, we announced our intent to release challenge servers in the future for RIFT. These fresh-start servers would feature the first 50 levels of the classic RIFT game. As a former player, we would appreciate your feedback.”

In other RIFT news, the MMO is throwing a “Shiny Shenanigans Weekend” that will conclude on May 29th. There are new sets to be found, artifact piñatas in every zone, special new rewards, and even a specific that can piñata only be spawned by one of the devs.

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