City of Titans drops some Scorpion lore


Only part of becoming a successful superhero is mastering your abilities and pulling off a spandex outfit in public. Another key part is knowing your enemy inside and out, and using their weaknesses against them.

To wit, the team behind City of Titans posted a lore piece that shines a light on one of the villain groups, Scorpion. As the name implies, this gang is all cuddles and free love.

“Scorpion seeks world conquest at all costs,” the team wrote. “Its agents often pursue smaller, simpler-seeming goals, but ultimately, Scorpion seeks only power and destruction of all rivals. While Scorpion occasionally makes a show of espousing some particular philosophy or ‘bringing order to the world,’ its true goal seems to be to ensure its eventual dominion over the entire world and the elimination of all moral codes aside from ‘obey Scorpion,’ which essentially translates into personal power for its members.”


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Moar plz.

If you need voice acting I volunteer.

I sound a bit like Moe Sizlack and Roz from Monster’s Inc but I am sure I could falsetto it up for a female supervillain.

Does not check email

I have a villain group I call Ammway … come join us and do evil biddings in a highly structured organization at our secret pyramid base….

Kickstarter Donor

Hydra, V.E.N.O.M., Cobra, Scorpion.


….your forgot SPECTRE. :(


Well, Hail Hydr… Scorpion then.


♪ Scorpio ♪
♪ He’ll sting you with his dreams of power and wealth ♪
♪ Beware of, Scorpio… ♪
♪ His twisted twin obsessions are his plot to rule the world ♪
♪ And his employees health ♪
♪ He’ll welcome you into his lair ♪
♪ Like the nobleman welcomes his guest ♪
♪ With free dental care ♪
♪ And a stock plan that helps you invest ♪
♪ But beware of his generous pensions ♪
♪ Plus three weeks paid vacation each year ♪
♪ And on Fridays the lunchroom ♪
♪ Serves hot dogs and burgers and beer! ♪
♪ He loves German beer! ♪