Seed lets you build your own colony using SpatialOS


Not to be confused with the extremely short-lived 2006 sci-fi title of the same name, ┬áKlang Games’ Seed is an upcoming MMO where players will guide and nurture small colonies of people attempting to settle on a strange world.

While there isn’t much revealed about the game so far, we do know that you will be in charge of multiple characters, more reminiscent of an RTS game with survival mechanics than a straight-up RPG.

Seed utilizes Improbable’s SpatialOS,” the studio said, “which allows Seed to be a persistent, continuously running simulation, with all Seed-Universe game logic running and living on the technology’s powerful server.”

So what is up with all of these development studios flocking to use Improbable’s SpatialOS in their online titles? Check out a recent GDC talk where multiple dev testimonies are given about the platform and its appeal after the break.

Source: Seed. Thanks Elio!
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