MMO Week in Review: Morrowind, Black Desert, and a bajillion other MMO launches (May 28, 2017)

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Memorial Day weekend: a time for gaming deals, double-experience events, and launches. Mainly launches this year! Black Desert has landed on Steam, The Elder Scrolls Online began the PC head start for Morrowind, Marvel Heroes soft launched on PS4, Legends of Aria kicked off its alpha, Revelation Online and Shroud of the Avatar saw major content updates, and both Kritika Online and Worlds Adrift entered closed beta.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.

Wild West Online addresses Sergey Titov rumors [Updated] - Rumors spread on Reddit yesterday suggesting that Sergey Titov is involved in Wild West Online have been partially but not fully debunked. Titov, you'll recall, was the controversial personality behind scandal-riddled The…
The Witcher card game Gwent enters open beta - There seems to be a very rabid, very enthusiastic community that's developed around CD Projekt Red's The Witcher (particularly its third installment), to the point where it might be making…
Choose My Adventure: Finding a hat in Neverwinter - [AL:NW]When we last left off in Neverwinter, I was finding out whether or not people wanted me to purchase the game's subscription-but-not-really. You voted a resounding no, although quite a…
World of Tanks apologizes for threatening to censor YouTuber - World of Tanks developer Wargaming has apologized for essentially threatening to abuse YouTube's copyright law to retaliate against an unpaid promotional partner who published a video critical of the company. YouTuber SirFoch's original…

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Know Your Lore: What comes next after Legion?

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Roger Melly

I decided to give Black Desert a chance on steam given it’s so cheap . I’m enjoying it so far .

Can’t really see Ashes of Creation being bigger than Star Citizen in terms of investment from crowdfunding but it does look like it has a lot of potential and by the way thing seem to be going with Star Citizen I think there is a good chance Ashes of Creation will release first .


Black Desert is killing it on Steam.