Final Fantasy XIV prepares to unveil a trial at E3 2017

You have to want it.
It’s almost time for E3 2017, and there are going to be all sorts of new and exciting games on display. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is going to be there as well, although at that point it’ll be close to heading into early access for pre-order players on June 16th. But there’s still new stuff to reveal on the show floor, like giving attendees the first look at the Susano trial. Which may be a bit of a letdown if you want the “I Beat Susano” shirts as a reward without being able to attend the show, but you can’t have everything.

The show floor will also see a special eve-of-the-expansion Live Letter from producer and director Naoki Yoshida, so players will have one last chance to watch details and get hyped about the upcoming expansion. Fans, if you hadn’t already marked your calendars for excited whimpering for June 13th through June 15th, you can do so now.

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Albert Guzman

Wonder where I can find it on Twitch. No way I can make it to E3 physically, but seeing the fight would be fun. Man, two weeks now. Time flies when you’re not paying attention.

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wether intended or not the screenshot hits me up as a big splooge >>