Allods Online trailer hypes Creation update

I am very amusing.

Just because Allods Online rolled out its Creation update last week doesn’t mean that the MMO is finished hyping this major milestone. Yesterday, the studio released a trailer for Creation that highlights some of the patch’s big feature points.

The first part of Allods Online’s Immortality expansion, Creation adds artifacts, gladiator games, pegasus rides, Minotaur’s Labyrinth, raid adventures, chariot races, weaponsmith’s insignias, class corrections, steeplechase, and the next chapter of the game’s epic storyline. The update coincided with the opening of a new server ruleset that offered three times the experience for monsters killed.

You can see what you’re missing — or what you’re enjoying — after the jump!

Source: YouTube. Thanks Malcolm!
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Alexander Smith

If this launched as P2P back in the day it may have succeeded. Or at least a more tame f2p that we see in like tera and wildstar.


probably they were busy playing WOW lol…

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Such an underappreciated game. I like the art style and graphics in Allods. The story and setting is unique too.

Rolan Storm

So cool. Decade late, though.