ARK: Survival Evolved gets working potty, is dirt cheap on Steam


Who patches a video game on Memorial Day? Studio Wildcard, apparently. It pushed out a big PC patch for dino survival sandbox¬†ARK: Survival Evolved last night with five new creatures, motorboats, harpoon guns, new hair, better achievements, and “an interactive toilet for when you just can’t hold it in anymore.” You cannot make this stuff up.

“With this update, ARK: Survival Evolved has officially released 100 creatures to the base game, not including bosses, events, or specialized variants,” says Wildcard.

The studio is also wiping minimap data for all players in order to trigger the minimap achievement. Ouch.

Do note that the game and its expansion (yes, it’s an early access game with a B2P expansion) are both deeply discounted on Steam, under 14 bucks for the bundle. The new trailer and pics of the new critters are down below.

Source: Official site, press release. Thanks, Tanek!
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