Crossout’s open beta (and soft launch) is here today

Shoot car.

It’s time for everyone to build their own post-apocalyptic death cars and drive them about a wasteland whilst shooting at one another. Yes, Crossout has moved into its open beta phase after one last server wipe, and that means all players can congregate to build impressive machines of doom and pit them against one another. If your favorite part of Mad Max: Fury Road was watching vehicles fight one another… well, here’s an entire game of that. You’re welcome.

Players who have been testing the game up to this point will also receive some free swag along the way, since the developers appreciate the patience and feedback of said testers. But everyone can dive in, start building, and start shooting. You can even watch the so-called “launch trailer” just below, which just through its title seems to support the idea that this is really a soft launch for the game.

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