Massively OP Podcast Episode 119: Finalest Fantasy

You have to want it.

When does Final Fantasy become, well, final? It’s probably not going to end with Final Fantasy XIV, which shows every intention of outlasting all of us as long as it keeps pumping out Moogle plushies and Hildebrand quests. On the show today, Eliot lends his FFXIV expertise on the next step of this saga.

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I’m a super casual WoW player, so I don’t do dungeons that much, but what bothers me when I do run them is how mindless and “easy” they are nowadays. It’s great for me, though, as a casual player, so I’m kind of torn about it. The dungeon runs do get stale, especially since the drops aren’t all that great.
I’ve enjoyed Legion up til now, but I’m starting to feel that burn out that you both expressed. I don’t want to quit WoW, but I can definitely see taking an extended break until the next xpac pretty soon here.

Eliot’s coverage of FFXIV inspired me to give it another chance and I’m really enjoying it!(again, casually) I bought in up to Heavensward, but I’m still low level, so holding off on Stormblood.
Listening to this pod made me curious about the dungeons, but still getting used to the game, so that can wait. And, speaking of Rift, I just rolled a new character in that and enjoying it(but super, super casual on that!)
Both FFXIV & Rift interest me from a housing perspective(and their both fun games to play). I’m curious to find out how the new expansion will affect housing availability in FFXIV. And Rift’s dimensions are super fun, but you do have to enjoy them just as a mini-game, because they’re kind of separate from the rest of the game.

Anyways, I’ll be curious to hear if Justin goes back to FFXIV, because I remember him saying before that it didn’t grab him, and I can kind of relate to that on some level, because I’ve never been big on the Eastern style MMORPG’s, but I kept going back, because it’s such a quality game(and the free trial to L30 doesn’t hurt, as well!)

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Thanks for answering my question. It did provoke an interesting discussion, although I might not have been too clear when asking it, as I was questioning whether FEAR was being used as a motivator to drive cash-shop purchases.
Not whether the cash shop purchases were FAIR, in any game with PvP.

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Thanks for the Secret World tip Justin! I better see if I have anything to spend.
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