DC Universe Online fires up the Age of Justice today

Just us.
A new age is arriving in DC Universe Online, and it has little to nothing to do with Aquarius. It’s the Age of Justice, and it’s dropping onto the live servers today with two new open-world zones, two new 4-player operations, and two new raids. This update will involve a fair amount of time travel, so be sure to consult your travel agent on infinite Earths about the risks associated with traveling through time for some reason. Do not become your own grandparent.

The team has also heard player feedback about rewards and vendor prices in the latest episode; as many of the rewards were tied to rewards from open world quests, players felt as if you had to play more to earn the same amount of reward. Thus, vendor prices have been slashed, allowing you to get the same amount of reward for only slightly more work; there are still a lot more rewards available in the episode, so they remain somewhat more costly than the previous update’s rewards. You can try it out for yourself once maintenance ends today!

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Oh DC. They must have known that all my characters we’re based off of Golden Age, and that the JSA was one of my favorite worlds. This is not enough to make up for Rebirth though, you really should explain that poop. Sounds like a great update. Must be a boat load of feats that go along with all of it.

I’m a little confused as to the comment about players were complaining they had to play too much so now you can get the same rewards for playing less? huh?

Anyway, good for DC, I think the JSA I.P. is underutilized. I wonder if this is complimenting the fact that they just launched a JSA set in Heroclix as well. Maybe they are going to come out with a JSA comic soon? No word of one that I can find, but that would be sweet. I would probably pick that up.