Habitat is back online in a museum


If you’re not familiar with Habitat, that’s understandable, but you can catch up on the history of the title with our own column on this fascinating not-quite-MMO from 1986. The game has been offline for quite some time, obviously, due in no small part to the fact that very few Commodore 64 owners are still out there. But the source code was made available some time ago, and now the game is actually running again thanks to the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment.

And yes, you can join in if you want to.

The servers for this game are the culmination of four years of effort to rebuild the game once more after three decades of obsolescence. Interested parties can take part in the game via a C64 emulator when the servers go live on June 2nd at 9 p.m. EDT. It might not be your new main game, but it’s a chance to walk in the halls of one of the first graphical online experiences ever.

Source: MADE

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Glad to see more video games saved, The Internet Archive did a great work archiving so many games and applications for old systems, many MMOs need to be saved … is this a good topic for Top 10? what old MMOs deserved to be saved like Habitat?


Hopefully it has a great cash shop.