Get a ridiculously tiny hat in Vindictus by playing rock-paper-scissors


Well. That’s a headline we never thought we’d be writing on this site, but here we are.

To kick off the summer season in style, Vindictus has activated a new rock-paper-scissors event that will run through June 21st. By throwing down the right moves, players can earn all sorts of rewards, including incredibly tiny hats populated by gremlins.

Other June events in progress include helping a magician test out his trick cards (which produce special buffs), spinning the swirly prize wheel, and saving as many gremlins as possible before they are corrupted. What is up with Vindictus and gremlins, anyway?

Back in May, Vindictus pushed out its Call of the Goddess update with a special interlude story starring Ceara.

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Vindictus I consider to have the best action combat gameplay for any online mmo. I love playing the game but what killed it for me was the enchant system. It’s the worse one out of any modern day mmo.

I don’t mind enchanting, what I do mind is having my weapon break


Ugh. Vindictus is one of those games that I adore but Nexon’s handling of it makes me unable to really ever bother giving it the time of day anymore.

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Tobasco da Gama

I really liked the combat in this game. Just not the… everything else.

Does that mean I should play Dark Souls?