The Daily Grind: What is the most unique MMO healing class?

It’s a mistake to assume that if your job is refilling green bars in MMO dungeons, then you’ve got the same tools and techniques available as every other healer in the genre. Healing classes have grown quite diverse and interesting over the years, with some professions offering unique twists on how they keep their party alive.

So what is the most unique MMO healing class? Is it one that heals while doing DPS? A class that marshals a posse of pets to assist in battlefield surgery? What about shielding healers, or ones that have to hurt themselves to aid others? Maybe it’s the blood magic of The Secret World that gets your interest or the high-tech healing fields of WildStar’s Medic that keep things interesting. Sound off in the comments!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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Brown Jenkin

Not so unique anymore but I think the combat-healer archetype is one that brings a bunch to the table. From Bear Shamans in AoC to WAR’s Disciple of Khaine and War Priests, lots of fun all around.

Jeffrey Wu

I think I really liked the poison medic in Global Agenda. The two healing guns were the TF2 medic beam and HoT dart. Paired with a dot pistol and grenades and it was the first iteration of Ana.

Ian Wells

Tree of Savior may be cheating a little, what with a single character gaining access to anywhere from 3 to 8 classes as they level (depending on their build), but I feel it deserves a shout out. Personal favorite healer build in PVP would have to be Cleric 1/Priest 3/Bokor 3/PD 1. People laugh when they hear that build, but they shut up fast when they fight my party in group PvP. Here is a link to the build:

For the uninitiated, let me break it down.

Clerics heal by placing healing spell circles on the ground. Party members can then walk over them to heal.

By being priest 3, I gain access to Revive level 10. Revive is an auto rez skilled applied to the whole party that lasts for 90 seconds. At level 10, it activates right before they would otherwise die, and heals for 50% hp and grants 100% damage resistance for 10 seconds.

Bokor 3 gives me access to Mackangdal level 10, which is party wide buffs which applies 20 seconds of 100% damage resistance at the price of hitting each target with the sum of all damage they would have taken in that time as a single, massive hit of Dark damage at the end of the buff. Revive catches the hit, and rezzes my party back to 50%. That is assuming they dont make it to Protection Zone (a Cleric skill), which completely nullifies all damage for a set number of hits while in that area.

Finally, Plague Doctor gives access to a wide array of unique skill. First and foremost is Blood Letting, which applies a very small DoT on all party members, but provides them with immunity to nearly all status effects in the game.

The long and short of it? A full support healer who rarely needs to lift a finger to actually heal. Alone, I could provide 30 seconds of true invincibility right out the gate, letting my party play on full offense.

James Mock

I like Medic in Wildstar. A lot of the healing classes in EQII are fun and unique. The rifle healing in TSW was fun for soloing. I never tried it in group though.

Jeffrey Wu

I’ve done some group stuff with rifle healing, which is pretty good. It’s still a kind of cycle healing that the game’s system works like, except you have to maintain range with your target and healing target.


I might be biased, but I always liked the Bear Shaman in AOC. The active healing back then was pretty unique when it was introduced. My second favorite was, by far, the Warrior Priest/DOK in Warhammer with the melee heal build where you could actually heal your whole team through dealing damage (IE: Hit for 100, AOE heal around you for 400 kinda thing).

James Mock

I remember being able to solo all kinds of crazy stuff with my DoK… so good.


Worth mentioning that ‘Fist Weaving’ was a pretty cool concept for the Monk class in WOW. Been healing on Monks since GW1 :D

James Mock

Fist Weaving was so fun, especially in LFG dungeons when you get 2nd or 3rd in DPS, kept everyone healed. Sad they took it out.


Hmm. Ok, I have to add Blade and Soul’s Summoner class. This is not your typical healer for many reasons.

First as the name implies, this class has a familiar companion in the form of cat and through this cat the Summoner can heal the entire party if in range, grab aggro when needed, dps and cc as well.

Second, the Summoner can can turn its staff into a Dandelion, blow it into the wind creating a mist that blocks attacks and heals OR makes the Summoner invisible for a two or three seconds depending on how it is spec’ed.

And last but not least, a Summoner is wrapped up in the smallest of packages, resembling a woodland creature. They are as players make them, but they are generally cute and cuddly and in despensible to any group running the more difficult content.

It is ironic that in a game like BnS, which is heavily dps focused setting the holy trinity aside, tanks and healers are so highly valued. The Summoner is the best healer in the game, with great dps, a built in tank (when needed), and does it all with cute yet viscous aplomb.


I have to say FFXI’s Dancer class. Now, whether it can still be classified as a healer is debatable, it was meant to originally be a melee healer but due to its long cooldowns they started to shift it towards a damage dealer class.

However thanks to the gear swapping in that game, with all my sets for DNC I was able to heal, tank, and deal pretty respectable damage all at once. I loved that a ‘support’ job was able to also be such a successful soloer.

Eric Campbell

I’d like to submit for consideration the SWTOR class of Commando Trooper. THe look and name doesn’t lend itself to the thought of healing. The armored look and the fact that some of your healing is performed through the large assault cannon is pretty unique.

Chris Mc

Loved my Disciple of Khaine on Warhammer Online. Miss that game.

Jack Kerras

I was all about the Warrior Priest right up until that Godawful ‘righteous fury on offhand’ change. It turned my awesome hybrid class into a ‘hammer and book or GTFO’ pure healer. :/